SGA Wiki

What is the SGA?

The Student Government Association is an organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for all students. We serve as the bridge between students and the NMT administration as well as the New Mexico State Government.  The SGA is a way for members to advance their future prospects, and gain leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, and communication skills all while allowing students to contribute to campus on a grander scale.

The SGA is also a way to meet and interact with fun people and make friends! Every student here at NMT is a member of the SGA so feel free to come to one of our meetings and make your voice heard!


What does the SGA do?

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch helps run events ranging from Orientation to 49ers, our homecoming Fall event. Movie nights, dances, and midnight breakfasts are a few of the fun things the Executive Branch does. Along with printing Paydirt, the school newspapaer, maintainng a connection with the Socorro community, and working with the school to create opportunity and progress.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch helps maintain order among all student organizations both fun and professional. The Senate votes on bills which help clubs fund events or travel. Some clubs and organizations travel statewide, across the country, sometimes even internationally for research conferences, or community service. The Senate also passes legislation regarding students' rights, Constitutional amendments, and can lobby on a larger scale for improvement within Tech in Santa Fe.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch makes sure that any and all actions within the SGA and legisaltion proposed or passed by any individual, club, organization, and the Senate or President is legal within the Book of Law and the NMT Constitution as well as any State or Federal law should the need arise. They also have cool robes.



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