Picture of M Mountain from a water hazard.
Hantush-Deju National Center for Hydrologic Innovation

Advisory Board

The mission of the Advisory Board is to assist the Center and its director in achieving the Center's vision to be at the forefront of research to accelerate our understanding of our water resources, nationally and internationally, to secure a more sustainable supply in the future. The vision of the Advisory Board is to further enhance the reputation of New Mexico Tech for world-class prominence in hydrology research and education.

The Advisory Board provides advice, feedback, information and appropriate resources to the Center, as requested by the Center Director, on issues of strategic importance to advance the Center's vision.

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Director Emeritus

Terry Wallace, PhD

Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Research Hydrologist

Michelle Walvoord, PhD

United States Geological Survey’s Earth System Processes Division

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Principal Member of Technical Staff

Thushara Gunda, PhD

Sandia National Laboratory

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Professor Emeritus

Bruce Thomson, PhD, PE

Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering - University of New Mexico

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Managing Director

Scott Beicke, MBA

Jefferies Group

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Foundation Professor

Scott W. Tyler, PhD

Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno

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Executive Director & Chief Water Policy Officer, Professor of Practice

Robert Mace, PhD, P.G.

The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment - Texas State University

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New Mexico State Engineer

Mike Hamman

New Mexico Office of the State Engineer