Teen Science Cafe

The Socorro County Teen Science Cafe Network is part of the national Teen Science Cafe Network.  The three member organizations in Socorro County are located at the Socorro Public Library, The Kids' Science Cafe in Magdalena, and at Alamo Community Schools in Alamo, NM. 

The Magdalena Kids' Science Cafe is a non-profit that runs an after school out of school educational outreach program utilizing discovery, investigation, and experiential instructional methodologies.  They meet on Fridays between the hours of 10 and 4 (6-hour format) which includes a primary lesson/activity (10-12), 1 hour of coding (Magdalena Library), 1 hour of student choice activity, and 2 hours of art instruction (2 - 4 pm).  

The Teen Science Cafe' operates as a part of the Kids' Science Cafe'.  It has been re-organized and re-opened recently due to COVID-19.  Currently, students meet Thursday Evenings at 6PM. The first visiting scientist will occur January 2022.  Additionally, students are also participating in the NMT Water Project at the Mineral Museum at New Mexico Tech.

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Spring 2022 Schedule

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Jim Sauer

Program Manager