Regents Minutes -- May 2012

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Board of Regents

1:30 p.m., Friday, May 11, 2012

Galena Room, Macey Conference Center

Socorro, New Mexico


The New Mexico Tech Board of Regents convened at 1:37 p.m., with Chairman Richard N. Carpenter presiding. Other Board members present were Regent Jerry Armijo, Regent Deborah Peacock, Regent Abe Silver, Jr. and Student Regent Omar Solimon. University administrators, staff, and guests who were also present included:

Daniel H. López

Peter Gerity

Greer Price

Mark Adams

Terence Foreback

Jo Ann Salome

Miguel Hidalgo

Rudy Correa

Bill Schattscheider

Dwayne Wilson (Pavilion)

Officer E. Sweeney, IV

Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming

Robert Lucero

Ira Griffin (Pavilion)

Lonnie Marquez

Van Romero

Lala Garcia

Robert Lee

John Meason

Lorie Liebrock

Brian Borchers

Thomas Guengerich

Valerie Kimble

1. Proof of Meeting Notice:  The meeting was called to order at 1:37 p.m. by Board of Regents Chairman Carpenter after President López confirmed that proper notice for the meeting had been given.

2. Approval of Agenda: Regent Silver moved to approve the agenda for the May 11, 2012 meeting as presented. Chairman Carpenter added that an Executive Session included in the Agenda, would be necessary. Regent Peacock then seconded the motion for agenda approval and it passed unanimously.

3. Minutes:  Regent Armijo moved to approve the Minutes from the March 30, 2012 meeting. Regent Peacock, noting that the Minutes reflected slight modifications to meet OMA criteria, seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

4. Announcements:

Enrollment Updates. President López reported that Fall 2012 enrollments continue to track well; in reviewing total reports, the President predicted final enrollment for Fall 2012 to be flat but slightly higher than last year.

Mining Association Campus Meeting. Terence Foreback, State Mining Inspector with the N.M. Bureau of Mine Safety, on the New Mexico Tech campus, detailed his duties with the agency as part of a Power Point presentation to the Board. Foreback listed statistics related to mineral production and mine safety; and reported that the mine health and safety conference held on campus April 30 – May 2, 2012, drew 170 people. President López directed Foreback to work with Vice Presidents Gerity and Marquez in securing course credit for the agency’s certification programs.

Dr. Romero, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, but speaking as a parent of a graduating New Mexico Tech student, commended Registrar Sara Grijalva and her staff for an outstanding job in working with graduating students. Vice President Romero also gave Board members a pair of sunglasses imprinted with the MRO logo with which to view the May 20 annular solar eclipse. President López added that sunglasses will be given to all graduates and audience members at Saturday’s Commencement exercises. The President also praised the Class of 2012 as “extraordinary,” with two students graduating with perfect 4.0 GPAs, and a string of 3.9 GPAs.

5. Public Comment:  None.

6. Delegation Resolution:  President López asked the Board to pass a resolution designating the sitting President of the Institute as the University’s CEO; currently, state statutes authorize the Chair of the Board of Regents to serve in that capacity. Attorney Robert Lucero advised the Board that President López correctly summarized the intent of the resolution. Regent Silver then moved to vest Dr. López with the authority to serve as the University’s CEO, functions he has performed since he has held the position. Regent Armijo seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

7. Degree Conferrals for April 2012.  President López informed Board members that four degrees had been granted since the April 30, 2012 meeting; no action was required.

8. Approval of May 2012 Graduates.  Vice President Gerity took the opportunity to thank the academic administrators, departments and advisors who worked with the graduating students. President López then recommended that the Board approve the list of graduating students as presented. Regent Armijo moved to delegate the President with the authority to grant diplomas to students on the 2012 graduation list. Student Regent Solimon seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

9. Financial Analysis for April 2012: Vice President Marquez reported that all departments are tracking as expected, and that he continues to work with the EMRTC group. Mr. Marquez reported $41.3 million in revenues compared with $40.3 million last year; and $27.3 million in expenditures compared with $24.6 million in 2011, the difference due to the absence of funding to assist with utility costs.

10. Unrestricted Fund Purchase Exceeding $250,000:  President López announced that the University had chosen the lowest bid among those submitted by12 companies to construct the new residence hall, and he recommended that Regents approve the bid award of $6,684,918 to Pavilion Construction, LLC. The company’s senior project executive, Wayne Wilson, and project manager Ira Griffin, were introduced. New Mexico Tech’s Director of Special Projects, Miguel Hidalgo, will monitor the job. Regent Armijo moved to award the construction contract for the new residence hall to Pavilion. Regent Peacock seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

11.  Property Items Resolution, Reference NMSA 1978, 13-6-1:  Mr. Marquez brought forward for approval five resolutions for the disposition of property, noting that the University now uses a private company to handle items once sold at public auctions on campus at a better return. Property Director Bill Schattschneider introduced each listed item as follows:

12.  Notification of Awards – Restricted Funds.  President López gave Regents a list of Restricted Funds contract/subcontract awards that primarily involve EMRTC, Playas and MRO as informational items:

13.  Individual Board Member Comments.  Regent Silver commended Macey Family Children’s Center Mary Sullivan for her work, adding that he enjoyed the Board luncheon at the center earlier in the day. Regent Peacock attended the May 4, 2012 grand opening at the center and said she enjoyed seeing the five-year-olds with plastic scissors lined up to cut the ribbon. Regent Armijo noted that the City of Socorrorecently purchased a natural gas-fueled vehicle available for viewing. President López suggested writing a letter of appreciation from the Board to Bill Macey acknowledging his ongoing support and congratulating him on the 70th anniversary of his graduation from Tech.

14.  New Business.  President López suggested that the Board’s annual summer retreat take place in Socorro this year. Chairman Carpenter then asked that a major component of the Agenda be a discussion on fund-raising options, and for opportunities to maximize members’ interaction with any students and faculty on campus. Regent Armijo expressed support for meeting in Socorro.

15.  Employee Benefit Trust.  Members recessed as the Board of Regents and convened the meeting of the Benefit Trust at 2:36 p.m. Mr. Marquez reported that the University continues to transition to its new insurance administrator, Meritain Health, with few glitches.

16.  Possible Executive Session, Pursuant to NMSA 1978 Sec 10-15-1 (H)(2) (If Required to Consider Legal and/or Personnel Matters.  At 2:38 p.m., the Board on a unanimous roll call vote in the open session, and on a motion made by Student Regent Solimon and seconded by Regent Armijo, closed the open meeting and convened in closed executive session to discuss the matter as per stated in the Agenda.

17. Reconvene in Open Session and Report on Final Action, if any, on such Limited Personnel Matters Which Shall be Acted Upon in Open Session Following Conclusion of the Closed Session:   At 3:30 p.m., the Board reconvened in open session and reported that issues of  personnel and litigation were discussed; however no action occurred. 

Adjournment.  There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.