Notes from the April 20, 2004 Regents Meeting


by George Zamora

SOCORRO – The New Mexico Tech Board of Regents has approved a seven percent tuition increase for in-state undergraduate and graduate students attending the state-supported research university, raising tuition for full-time resident undergrads from the current $1078 per semester to $1,153 per semester.

Tuition for resident full-time graduate students at New Mexico Tech was increased from the current $1,138 per semester to $1,218 per semester.

The tuition increase, coupled with an average six percent increase in various fees students pay at New Mexico Tech, will be effective at the start of the upcoming 2004-2005 academic year.

Under the newly approved tuition schedule, out-of-state students attending New Mexico Tech on a full-time basis will pay four percent more in tuition costs this coming fall semester (increased to $4, 469 for undergraduates and $4,768 for graduates).

During the board’s April 20 meeting, New Mexico Tech President Daniel H. López assured the regents that even with the tuition and fee increases they approved, costs associated with attending New Mexico Tech will continue to remain the lowest among the state’s three research universities.

“There are several good, viable reasons to support these increases in tuition and fees,” López said, “chief among them being that the students themselves are generally supportive of -- although, not thrilled about -- the proposal, I think most of them view it as a self-imposed tax.”

Paul Ferrel, president of the New Mexico Tech Student Association, concurred with President López’s assessment and told the regents that previously held meetings to discuss the proposed increases with interested students showed a general support of the hikes among those attending.

“These increases will permit an average four percent salary increase for all our staff, faculty, and teaching assistants,” López added.