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Mark Samuels

"My primary research interests are in the field of human cognition. I am involved in studies investigating the development of scientific reasoning abilities and biases in human reasoning and problem solving. I am interested in how these biases lead people to produce the errors often do when solving problems.

I have conducted experiments investigating the development of diagnostic logical skills in early childhood and young children’s capacity for scientific reasoning. I am interested in studying impediments to learning and problem-solving and overcoming these problems in order to improve problem-solving.

I am currently studying how systematic biases in the way that children answer questions can give researchers and clinicians a mistaken understanding that children have to the questions they are asked.In the past, I have conducted research in rehabilitation from strokes and children’s developing conceptions of the world, as well as how their minds work. Many undergraduates over the years have been involved in collaborating in this research."

Mark Samuels