MATE 351, Introduction to Polymeric Materials, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

Prerequisites: MATE 202 or MATE 235, MATH 231 or MATH 335

Course Description: Structure property relations are developed. Types of microstructures discussed and unusual aspects of polymer properties presented. Topics covered are viscoelasticity; bio- and synthetic polymers; statistics as an explanation of nature; gelation; molecular weight distributions; condensation and addition synthesis; chemical kinetics; random walks; chain statistics; viscosity; prions; diffusion; friction; reptation; glass transition.

Required Textbooks: The Structural Basis of Polymer Properties by J. McCoy; Biophysics DeMYSTiFied by Goldfarb..

Recommended Textbooks:  Introduction to Polymers by Young and Lovell; Introduction to Physical Polymer Science by Sperling

Course Topics