Randolph Computer Science Education Program

Making computer science engaging for all learners from middle school through college and beyond. 

Thanks go to our donors, Edward and Cherokee Randolph, who have generously funded this work to help us focus efforts on making the complex field of Computer Science more approachable for learners of all ages and learning styles. 


Candidates for the  Endowed Randolph Professor of Computer Scence Education are being sought. Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate and/or graduate courses in CSE, MST, and teacher preparation programs; contributing to the department’s and institution’s efforts in supporting student academic success while engaging and encouraging students from diverse academic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds; establishing a collaborative, externally funded computer science research program with a focus on Computer Science Education; serving as research advisor for CSE and/or MST students; developing two coordinated summer programs: one for MST teachers and one for middle and high school level students focused on making computer science engaging, relevant, and exciting; recruiting students and helping support Computer Science, MST, and STEM Education outreach activities; preparing accountability and assessment reports; supporting the program certification and accreditation; and other support as needed. For this endowed faculty position, highly articulate oral and written communications skills are essential. The successful candidate is expected to start at NMT in August of 2023 or as negotiated. See below for more on the Randolph Computer Scence Education Program.


Program Components

Our work in computer science education targets helping learners of all types with the goal of making many modes of learning more accessible, as well as fun and engaging.

Learning Styles