MS in Public Engagement

The MS in Public Engagement in Science, Design and Communication trains students to research, analyze, and communicate with diverse communities. NMT partners with local Socorro and New Mexico state organizations to provide hands-on STEM-based education. The program will well prepare students for the workforce through direct work with local industry and non-profits. Contact Dr. Elisabeth Kramer-Simpson for more information.

“Individuals coming into the workforce with the ability to collaborate on strategic business and research initiatives in STEM-related fields will be highly beneficial to existing technology companies and institutions”

-Deborah L. Breitfeld, CEcD, New Mexico Technology Council (NMTC)


Students in this proposed program may follow four pathways through the program, or may construct a path that meets their own career objectives:  

  1. Communication, branding, and project management for nonprofits and small businesses
  2. Science Communication, policy, and public outreach
  3. User experience (UX/UI) research and design 
  4. STEM Career Promotion and Advancement

Program details