Dr. Taylor Dotson

Taylor Dotson, PhD

Associate Professor

  • taylor.dotson@nmt.edu • Fitch 102
    (575) 835-5421
    Office Hours: Email for appointment

Taylor Dotson plays the upright bass helps and helps coach and manage the NMT Rugby Football Club. He is also a collaborator with the NMT Climate & Water Consortium as well as currently working on gaining advanced fluency in German.

He earned his PhD in Science and Technology Studies from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2015), an MS Industrial Mathematics from NMT (2009), and a BS Math from NMT (2006). His most recent book, The Divide, examines the role of Truth in politics and how fanatical certitude undermines democracy.

Taylor teaches interdisciplinary social science courses concerning the culture and politics of science and technology, including such topics as risk governance and environmental controversies, industrial accidents, the barriers to achieving a better technological civilization, and the shaping power of dominant technologies on everyday life. 

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