Dr. Rafael Lara-Martinez

Rafael Lara-Martinez, PhD

Emeritus Professor

  • rafael.laramartinez@nmt.edu
    Available by email but not actively teaching

Since his retirement from the CLASS Department at New Mexico Tech, Rafael Lara-Martinez lives in Dijon, the region of Bourgogne (Burgundy), France. As an Emeritus Professor, he continues to write in several cultural journals such as "disruptiva.net", and "revistaelementos.net". In 2022, he published the book entitled "Salvadoran Indigenismo" at the Universidad Don Bosco, and recently has made public the long essay "On Salvadoran Literary Identity as Exile" in "Ístmica", Costa Rica. He continuously offers online conferences with several universities and cultural organizations.

In 2024, his coming book entitled "Five Essays on Salvadoran Native Languages", promotes a dialogue between Latin American Philosophy and ancestral heritage. His works can be consulted at https://nmt.academia.edu/RLaraMartinezhttps://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rafael-Lara-Martinez, as well as in other social media sites (LinkedIn, etc.).  

Rafael's research areas include Latin American Cultural History, and Psychoanalysis. He received his Licenciatura in Linguistic Anthropology from the Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia in Mexico (1976), Diplôme d'Études Approfondies in Sociology of Religion from the Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle (1979), Docorate in Linguistics from the Université de la Sorbonne (1984), and his PhD in Latin American Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1991).

While he is not actively teaching, some courses he has taught at NMT are Elementary French I, Latin American Literature, Online Spanish Reading & Comprehension, Directed Study, Latin American Literature, Latin American Literature, Elementary Spanish I, Elementary Spanish II and Intermediate Spanish I.