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Brett Taylor, MFA

Assistant Professor

  • • Fitch 212
    (575) 835-5455
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Brett J. Taylor is a print-media artist and art educator engaging with traditional and digital printmaking, book
forms, and installation. Their artistic practice explores the intersections of disability/ability, sexual orientation, and gender expression through employing an autotheortical lens. Drawing from personal narrative and theory they bring to attention the boundless states the body/being can assume. Brett's artistic, scholarly, and community works advocate for disability justice and LGBTQIA2S+ rights. Their work has been exhibited internationally including Field Projects, Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Amos Eno Gallery, Agitator Gallery, the Eliot Museum, and Shands Hospitals.

They earned their Master of Studio Arts in Printmaking from The Ohio State University and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing from the University of Florida.

They teach Digital Technique & Visual Art, Identity & Design, and Scienfic Illustration at NMT.

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