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Torres Hall

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Torres Hall is designated as the First Year's Experience Hall.  Torres is interior-style and consists of 3 floors and 5 wings. The first floor has one wing, and the second and third floors have two wings each. Each wing contains several bedrooms, two communal restrooms, a study lounge, and a whiteboard wall


Each Fully-Furnished Bedroom Offers:

Torres Hall Offers:


What is the Queer Affinity Space?  

The Queer Affinity Space is an inclusive queer and transgender students  community during your first and second year of college?  Queer Affinity Space is open to any students who identify with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, queer, Two Spirit, intersex, and asexual (or LGBTQIA+) community.

Students in this space are able to explore and express their whole selves, including their gender identities, expressions, and sexuality in a safe and affirming environment. There are two communities: a first-year and second-year community! The First Year space is in Torres Hall, and the Second Year space is in South Hall.