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Driscoll Hall was designed with friendliness in mind. Fully-furnished double bedrooms with community bathrooms on each wing. All-female residence hall. Each bedroom has a sink and vanity.

The average room size is 14′ X 14′, and a typical room comes with 2 XL twin beds, 2 closets, 2 desks w/chairs, and 2 ethernet ports. Armoires are provided in place of closets. A limited number of single rooms are available. Both floors have large, open lounge areas. DirectTV-broadcast television is available on the 2nd floor. There is a community kitchen complete with large refrigerators and a stove on the 2nd floor. A laundry room is available on the 1st floor. Maximum capacity for this building is 50 residents.

Room Type Occupancy 2019-2020 Rate Per Semester
Double Two Person  $1730 
Designated Single One Person $2115