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NMT Property Office


Below is a list of the most commonly used Property Office forms, with a brief description of each. If you require another form or have any questions, please contact any of the Property Office Representatives. 

Please note, some printers require you to select Landscape for certain forms.

Annual Off-Campus Receipt

Complete this form for any and all assets that are removed from campus for research, teaching, or work. The receipt must be renewed each year and must be filed before the asset is removed from campus. Once the asset is no longer being used off-campus, the 'returned' section of the form should be completed and turned in to the Property Office.

Annual Property Self-Assessment Review Worksheet

Worksheet for independent review of processes associated with Government property currently under cognizant agency for all current contracts.

Calibration & Repair Receipt

Complete this form for any and all assets that are sent off campus for calibration, repair, or maintenance. Once the asset has been returned, the Property Office should be notified.

Cannibalization Request

When equipment fails and isn't economically feasible to repair, written authorization to cannibalize the asset and reutilize the parts on other assets may be granted.

Interdepartment Loan of Assets

Use this form to notify the Property Office when loaning property to another department or organization within New Mexico Tech.

Long-Term Storage Request

Placing items in long-term storage requires written justification; more specifically, the responsible department must identify the specific need for which the property is to be kept, before placing the item in long-term storage.

Loss Damage Destruction & Theft

Use this form to document lost, damaged, destroyed, or stolen property. Lost property stays on active inventory for three years before permission to remove it can be requested from the Property Committee and/or the Board of Regents and/or the NM State Auditor. A police report must be filed for all stolen property, and a copy of the police report must be attached to the LDDT form.

Pickup & Disposal Request

Complete this form and submit it to the Property Office to arrange for tagged and untagged surplus property to be picked up by Property Yard personnel or delivered to the Property Yard. 

Property Movement Form

This form is used to notify the Property Office when assets are being moved to a new location for a period of time longer than 30 days.

Small Asset Tagging Confirmation

This form is used when the PCN barcode tag cannot be affixed to as asset because the asset is too small, delicate, temperature-sensitive, or the tag otherwise would interfere with use or operation of the property.

Sponsor Owned Disposition Form

Complete and submit to the Property Office before assets are returned to the sponsor or awarding agency. Only one sponsor may be indicated per form. A digital picture must be taken of each asset prior to shipment and kept on file with the department, and a copy must be forwarded to the Property Office.

Surplus Property Transfer Form

This form is used when seeking approval to transfer property to another qualified institution as defined in NMSA 13-6-1.

Surplus Reutilization Form

This form must be filled out when property in the Surplus Property Yard is claimed for reutilization. 

Trade-In & Exchange Form

This form must be completed and submitted prior to an asset being used for a trade in or as an exchange

Transfer of Asset

Use this form to transfer assets between departments, people, or locations.

Warranty Replacement Form

When an item under warranty must be replaced, notify the Property Office as soon as possible, and Property staff will help fill out the warranty repair/replacement form. The form and related shipping documentation will serve as a basis for documenting the location of the equipment.