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New Mexico Tech

Physical Recreation

Due to lack of staffing, the gym will be closed over the weekend (10/24 & 10/25). Regular business hours will resume on Monday 10/26 at 6 am.

New Mexico Tech Gym Reopening Policies and Procedures

General Information:

The gym is now open at 25% capacity (NM Governor's Executive Order).

The new occupancy limits are:

Fall 2020 Hours of Operation: 

Monday through Friday: 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

Saturdays: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Sundays: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

*Senior workout time will be Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 10:00 am.

Note: Our typical peak hours are 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm. If possible, please consider altering your workout schedule to take advantage of less busy time slots, help us limit the number of people in the facility at one time, and minimize any time you are standing around waiting for access to the equipment you want.

New Policies & Procedures

  1. All members are to wash their hands before entering the facility and after completing their workout. Washing hands for 20 seconds with warm, soapy water is the best way to kill germs.
  2. Face coverings are required at all times, as per the Governor’s executive orders and CDC guidelines. Face coverings must cover both the mouth and nose.
  3. Temperatures will be taken as members enter the facility. Only members with a temperature below 100.4 Farenheit are permitted to enter the facility. Please note that to respect your privacy your temperature will not be recorded. 
  4. A new magnetic stripe card is now required to enter the building. Be sure to scan in at the front desk EACH TIME YOU ENTER THE FACILITY. The NMT Gym is required by state mandate to have a record of every member that enters the facility for contact tracing purposes (in the event of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis). NMT ID Cards are required for staff and students and other members will be provided an appropriate card for this purpose.
  5. To prioritize our current members, students, faculty and staff, we are temporarily suspending daily passes for guests and out of town family members. New memberships will still be available, but single-day passes will not be issued.
  6. Showers are not available.
  7. All members must adhere to strict social distancing in the locker rooms. If at all possible, please come dressed ready to work out.
  8. The water fountain is disabled, with the exception of the water bottle refill station. Please bring a sealable water bottle from home. We encourage the use of reusable bottles that are easily distinguishable as your own.
  9. In order to maintain proper social distancing, every other cardio machine is available for use. With limited cardio equipment availability, we ask that you please limit your use to no more than 30 minutes at a time. We want everyone to have an opportunity to use the equipment they need.
  10. The free weight area will be marked for adequate social distancing. Please keep the benches at least 6-feet apart and do not crowd the dumbbell rack. If retrieving dumbbells to use, take them with you to an open space somewhere else on the floor.
  11. Strength training machines will be spaced appropriately apart, but be mindful of others near you, and those waiting to use a piece of equipment. DO NOT USE MULTIPLE MACHINES AT ONE TIME, ESPECIALLY DURING PEAK HOURS. 
  12. Multiple disinfectant spray bottles are placed around the weight room. Please clean your weights/benches/machines after use.  Our team is cleaning common areas and public spaces three times daily.
  13. In order to adhere to New Mexico’s social distancing policy, members may not congregate in open areas or near equipment to help keep socializing to a minimum.
  14. Payments are no longer accepted in person. All transactions will be online via NMIMT M-Mountain Mall
  15. If you or a member of your household are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, or feel ill in any way, please stay home and do not return to the gym until your symptoms have subsided.
  16. If you have traveled outside the state of NM, you cannot use the gym until you self quarantine for 14 days.
  17. Members will be provided a copy of this policy and asked to sign a policy acknowledgment form, agreeing to abide by these policy terms before resuming their gym membership. Members will also complete a A COVID-19 liability waiver form before their membership can resume. 

Department Mission

The Physical Recreation program shares in the educational mission of the university by offering opportunities to experience personal growth, social development, improve physical and mental health, and to develop lifetime leisure skills for a healthier lifestyle. The department organizes, administers, and promotes a broad program of competitive, recreational, and educational activities for students, faculty, and staff members at New Mexico Tech.


The Gym is comprised of two large multipurpose gymnasiums, a newly renovated weight and fitness room, a new training bouldering wall, one racquetball court, and one squash court. Additional recreational areas include a large, multi-use athletic field, multi-use turf court, and a sand volleyball pit.

Students, employees, and members of the Socorro community can use Tech’s athletic facilities.  A valid student, faculty or staff identification card OR gym membership is required for entry to the Gym.  Full-time students and NMT employees are eligible to receive passes for their spouse and dependent children (between the ages of 11 and 21). These are renewable each semester at no charge.  If a gym card is lost or stollen, a replacement card is $10. Fees for Gym use are identified below:

Gym Fee Schedule

Students, faculty and staff as well as Socorro community members are encouraged to take part in intramural sports which are held year round. Socorro community members pay and intramural fee of $15.00 per league. 

If a student is interested in developing a specific sporting skill or interested in participating in a higher level of competition, the Physical Recreation Sports Clubs program can provide just that!


The department employees a handful of students every semester. The positions include; gym/weight room attendants, referees for soccer, volleyball, basketball and softball AND score keepers for various sports.