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Peer Mentorship

Tech Spotlight Videos

NMT Peer Mentors host Tech Spotlight every week during the semester. This is an opportunity for departments and organizations to field questions from our incoming class and the NMT community. All sessions take place on Zoom with a short presentation and then a Q&A session to follow. Watch our entire playlist above.

NMT Peer Mentor Program Philosophy Statement

A positive first-year experience is the cornerstone of a students' success in college, and by extension, their careers and lives. The Peer Mentor Program at New Mexico Tech has been designed to facilitate relationships between first-year (freshmen and transfer) students and those who are further along in their major program (60+ credit hours). By interacting with more experienced students within a Mentor-Mentee relationship, first-year students benefit from emotional, academic, and community support, which will ultimately help them succeed as developing professionals both in and out of the classroom. New Mexico Tech recognizes the need for the university to facilitate students' effective transition to college life, and the NMT Peer Mentor Program supports this by providing a variety of experiences, opportunities, and foundational skills to help them become successful Techies. 

The NMT Peer Mentor Program is committed to creating a welcoming and safe environment that:

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