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Math Placement

Why is math placement so important?

Your success at New Mexico Tech is very important to us. We want you to be successful in your math courses and confident in your math skills. Math is integral to all science and engineering disciplines. A strong math foundation can contribute substantially to both your time at college and your future career.

Entry Math Level

Entry math level helps determine your first semester courses at New Mexico Tech. When you look in the course catalog, you will see that many courses have a math pre-requisite or co-requisite. The general courses in Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Science have specific math requirements. For example, you need to be co-registered in MATH 103 Pre-Calculus in order to take Introduction to Engineering. You need to place into MATH 104 Trigonometry or higher to take General Chemistry I. General Physics I requires MATH 131 Calculus I placement or above. You have the most course options when you start at MATH 131 Calculus I.

Math placement is initially determined by your ACT/SAT scores:

  ACT Math Score SAT Math Score
MATH 103
21-25 500-580
MATH 104
26-29 590-660
MATH 131
(Calculus I)
30 or above 670 or above

You may also start at the MATH 131 level if:

Should I try to move ahead in my math placement? How can I move ahead in my math placement?

First, you need to evaluate how comfortable you are with your math placement. If you feel that the placement is an accurate representation of your math skills, then stay in the course that corresponds to your math placement. If you think that your math skills correspond to the next level, take the math placement test. If you want to get ahead on math before you arrive at NMT, take a math course over the summer at your local community college:

You are now part of the New Mexico Tech community and the greater community of science and engineering. We are confident that you are on the path to academic success and a fulfilling college experience. Please let us know how we can help along the way.