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Mountain Springs Apartments

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Mountain Springs offers NMT's seniors, graduate students and families the independence of living in an apartment off of the main campus with the convenience of living nearby. Mountain Springs contains 1 bed/1 bath or 2 bed/2 bath units complete with a living room and a kitchen with a range and refrigerator. 2 bed/2 bath apartments can be either 2 double bedrooms or 1 single bedroom + 1 double bedroom, depending on the building. Furnishings are available to non-family unit. 

The Space

Each furnished Double Bedroom offers:

Each furnished Singe Bedroom offers:

Each Living Room Offers:

Each Kitchen Offers:

Mountain Springs offers:

25 single apartments (1 bed | 1 bath) with an average size of 482 sq. ft. per apartment.

16 standard apartments (1 single bedroom | 1 double bedroom | 2 bath) at 900 sq. ft. per apartment.

5 large apartments (2 double bedroom | 2 bath) at 906 sq. ft. per apartment.


3D Virtual Tours

MSA B1 laundry room/lounge thumbnail for 3D Virtual Tour 


MSA B-Building apartment example (2 double-bedroom)


MSA E-Building apartment example (single bedroom)


MSA A-building apartment example (single and double bedrooms)