Membership Benefits


Besides helping our club achieve its minimum membership enrollment (15 students) in order to be qualified as an SPE Student Chapter, there are many other benefits to being an SPE student member.

Membership gives you access to various valuable resources offered by the SPE to its members, such as the Journal of Petroleum Technology, SPE papers and books, meetings and conferences, and various discounts.

But most importantly, being an SPE member places you among over 100,000 engineering professionals. SPE's membership has more than 168,000 members in 144 countries: 207 sections and 368 student chapters. Whether you need to start your career (or advance it, in the future), or you need to keep pace with the state-of-the-art in oil and gas technologies, networking with fellow SPE members will be crucial to your career.

So what can you do as an SPE student member? First and foremost is to attend the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibit (ATCE), which will give you a glimpse of the latest cutting-edge technologies showcased on the exhibit floor, allow you to attend presentations for the best SPE papers of the year, interface with recruiters from various companies, cheer on the NMT Petrobowl team,vand participate in fun student-related activities.

Other than ATCE? You can present research papers in a student paper contest, giving you a feel for SPE paper publishing and practice in public speaking. You can also gain valuable leadership and organizational experience by contributing to your student chapter in its various operational activities, such as fundraising, helping out at various events like our golf tournaments, Energy4me, and develop your soft skills by attending other conferences and workshops. Attending general meetings, especially with guest speakers, and Distinguished Lectures (hosted by the SPE Roswell Section) will provide additional benefits to your membership.

A new service offered by the SPE to student members and young professionals is their latest magazine, "The Way Ahead," which is written and designed by young professionals in the industry. Another recent service is OILPRO , a database of thousands of oil and gas jobs worldwide for job-seeking individuals. You can also visit SPE's Engineering Jobs Worldwide page to search thousands of industry jobs which is powered by OILPRO 

With Chevron Corporation currently sponsoring the annual dues for students, joining the SPE has never been easier-and it's free! Just visit SPE's Student Member Application page.