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Career Opportunities for Technical writers

Career Opportunities


Web Developer

Garrett Massey, Early Childhood Services Center UNM

"I work as the main programmer and web designer in the Early Childhood Services Center at UNM. My regular work involves a combination of programming, web design, UX design, and content editing on all of our websites and applications. My background in computer science gave me the foundation for programming, and my studies of web design in the TC program gave me the skills I use every day in building and maintaining our websites and applications.

It is my job to make sure that our websites are up to date with accessibility standards, usable on a variety of devices, and accessible to people across multiple languages. I also provide technical and management support to other programmers, guiding the direction of programming projects and updates to our systems."

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Technical Writer/Editor

Abbey Chesebrough, Raytheon

“My job responsibilities included compiling, formatting, writing, and editing technical documentation, including user manuals, proposals, and other contract deliverables.

I was also a data manager, which required monitoring the status of all contract deliverables, submitting deliverables to the customer(s), and managing feedback received on the deliverable. I got to travel a little bit, work with some interesting people, and even operated some of the equipment in the process of writing operations and maintenance manuals for the final product.”

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Communications Specialist

Paula Le June, Presbyterian

“As a communications specialist, I edit and write documents for members. This includes materials for commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid plan members. My team ensures that member materials are written in accordance with health literacy standards and best practices while also making sure that communications adhere to the style and branding requirements determined by the organization and federal government. The purpose of my job is to make sure that plan members get and understand the information they need to make health care decisions appropriate for their level of health plan benefits."

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