2021 AIChE Group Photo    

2021 AIChE Conference 
From Left to Right: Cameron Zielinski, Catherine House, Samantha Lindholm, Brandon McReynolds, Daniel Dolce,
Naomi Helsel, Taylor Le, and Shane Risolio


Catherine House Poster Photo"Ion-Exchange Chromatography for the Separation of Critical Elements from Bioleachate"
Catherine House
Mentors: David Reed, Joshua McNally, and Yoshiko Fujita


Samantha Lindholm and Brandon McReynolds Poster Photo
"Thermomechanical Characterization of Recyclable Epoxies by the Diels-Alder Reaction"
Samantha Lindholm and Brandon McReynolds
Kavon Mojtabai, Nicole Penners, Sanchari Chowdhury, PhD, John McCoy, PhD, and Youngmin Lee, PhD


Daniel Dolce Poster Photo
"Extracting Anisotropy Strength and Interfacial Free Energy of Al-Zr Alloy under Rapid Cooling Conditions Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations"
Daniel Dolce
Pabitra Choudhury, PhD


Naomi Helsel Poster Photo
"Enhanced ORR Activity of FePc Functionalized Graphene via Substrate Doping and/or Ligand Exchange: A First Principles Study"
Naomi Helsel
Pabitra Choudhury, PhD


2021 AIChE Groups Award Photo  
2021 AIChE Conference Poster Competition Awards
Daniel Dolce, Naomi Helsel, Brandon McReynolds, Samantha Lindholm, and Catherine House