New Faculty Training

Selections from our training session for new faculty members.

Rosa Jaramillo, Human Resources Specialist:  Explanation of Benefits and Policies Focused on Faculty Issues [audio].

A Guide to Your Benefits and Enrollment [pdf]

 Gayle Bailey, Director of Sponsored Projects: Fiscal Administrative Support to Faculty and Staff, Liaison with Auditors of Sponsored Research Programs [audio].

Sponsored Research Basics Handout [pdf]

Budgeting, Pricing and Charging Sponsored Agreements [pdf]

Fiscal Responsibilities of Principal Investigators [pdf]

Sample Proposal Routing Package [pdf]

Elaine DeBrine Howell, Associate Dean for Student Success: FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), Intervention for Students Having Academic Problems, and Common Legal Issues for Faculty [audio].

FERPA in a Nutshell [pdf] 

Luz Diaz Barreras, Director of Student Academic Success and Veterans Administrator and Elizabeth Lyons, Assistant Director of the Office of Student Learning: Academic Support and Mentoring Services at NMT [audio]. 

Dr. Peter Phaiah, Assistant Vice President for Student and University Relations, Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator: Faculty Responsibilities for Reporting Sexual Harassment Cases.

 Jose Gonzales, Manager of Classroom Technology, Academic Center for Technology: Basics of Projection System Operation and How to Get Help When You Need It.

Curtis Warren, Canvas Administrator, Academic Center for Technology: Canvas Learning Management System.

Jose Gonzalez, Manager of Classroom Technology, Academic Center for Technology: Panopto Lecture Capture.