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STeP Grant: The New Mexico STEM Transfer Coalition

STeP Grant: The New Mexico STEM Transfer Coalition

STeP: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Talent Expansion Program

STeP is led by NM Tech in collaboration with the following Partner Institutions:

The goals of STeP are to:

To Qualify for Application into the program at the above mentioned Partner Institutions, students must:

Benefits a STeP Scholar will receive:

For more detailed information or to apply, contact the STeP liaison at your current institution:

Luna CC (contact: Nichole Collins, ncollins@luna.edu)

Northern NM University (contact: Ulyses Ricoy, uricoy@nnmc.edu)

Santa Fe CC (contact: Phyllis Baca, phyllis.baca@sfcc.edu)

UNM-Los Alamos (contact: Grace Willerton, gwillert@unm.edu)

UNM-Taos (contact: Avelina Martinez, Avelina@unm.edu)

New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology (contact: Titia Dons Barham, tbarham@admin.nmt.edu)

Informative Webinars and Powerpoint Presentations:

Introduction to the Program (PDF)

Financial Aid Information (PDF)

Information on Mathematics (PDF)

Information on Internships (PDF)