Image of the Magdalena Ridge Observatory telescope at sunset. The exterior view is from the ground looking towards the telescope, with stars in the background.
New Mexico Tech

Undergraduate Programs

Basic Sciences
Basic Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Basic Sciences

Biology Department

Bachelor of Science in Biology; Bachelor of Science in Biology with Environmental Science Option; Accelerated Five-Year BS/MS Biology Program

Biomedical Science
Biomedical Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences

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Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry; Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with options in Biochemistry, Environmental Science; Accelerated Five-Year BS/MS Program in Chemistry

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Technical Communications
Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication

Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science; Bachelor of Science in Information Technology; Accelerated Five-Year BS/MS Computer Science Program

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Earth Science

Bachelor of Science in Earth Science

Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering; Accelerated Five-Year BS/MS Environmental Engineering Program

Environmental Science
Environmental Science

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with options in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Hydrology, Instrumentation and Measurements

Image of a small waterfall and pond in front of the Bureau of Geology building.
General Studies

Associate of General Studies, Bachelor of General Studies

Male student and female student sitting at an outside table discussing what they are studying. Textbooks are seen open on the toop of the table.

Associate of Science in Business; Bachelor of Science  in Management; Bachelor of Science in Management of Technology

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Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering; Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering with options in Metallurgical Engineering, Biomaterials Engineering; Accelerated Five-Year BS/MS Materials Engineering Program


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics; Accelerated Five-Year BS/MS in Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Mineral Engineering Program
Mineral Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mineral Engineering; Bachelor of Science in Mineral Engineering with Explosives Engineering Option

Petroleum Engineering Program
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering

Physics Program

Bachelor of Science in Physics; Bachelor of Science in Physics with options in Astrophysics, Atmospheric Physics; Accelerated Five-Year BS/MS in Physics Program

Psychology and Education
Psychology & Education

Bachelor of Science in Psychology