‘M’ Mountain Run Winners 2017

‘M’ Mountain Run Winners 2017

November 8, 2017

SOCORRO, N.M. – The winners of the ‘M’ Mountain Run, a.k.a. Paint the ‘M’, have been announced. The first 20 teams or individuals who carried 50-pound bags of lime to the top of the mountain receive $50.

A total of 36 bags of lime – 1800 pounds – were toted to the top by 14 teams and 22 individuals. In all, 327 students and alumni participated in the event this year.

Winners who haven’t collected their cash award can pick up their winnings at Brown Hall 200.

  M-Mountain-Run-2017-IMG 3195

Students clamber up the final ascent during the 2017 Paint the 'M' event during the 49ers Celebration.  More than 325 students and alumni participated. 


  M-Mountain-Run-2017- DSC0103

Paint the 'M' is a grueling hike, especially for those brave people who carried lime to the top.


  M-Mountain-Run-2017- DSC0149

Many students continue the NMT tradition of dressing up in costumes for the Paint the 'M'. 


1. Hayden Walker (team)
1. Skyler Fenell
1. Branden Turner
1. Jason Falls
1. Benjamin Mastripolito
2. Joshua Ownbey (team)
2. Delton Trosky
3. Kevin Johnson (individual)
4. Everson Cruz (team)
4. Gary Angels
4. Mark Nez
5. Alexander Duff (team)
5. Andrew Duff
5. Erica Duff
6. Alex Bair (team)
6. Kaleb Biorkmar
6. Zach Bohumil
7. Xavier Chavez (individual)
8. Logan Blake (team)
8. Travis Carrasco
8. Jake Natzic
9. Christian Ortega (individual)
10. Sawyer Gill (individual)
11. Chase Beckstead (individual)
12. Alan Tirado (individual)
13. Dominic Fascitelli (individual)
14. Michael Robinson (individual)
15. Karl Madden (individual)
16. Eric Walker (individual)
17. Carlos Rubio (individual)
18. Evelyn Byrd (team)
18. Alexander Norway
19. Anthony Salazar (team)
19. Geronimo Macias
20. Luke Tillman (individual)