Payscale, College Factual Rank New Mexico Tech No. 1 in New Mexico, Among Top Values Nationwide


Payscale, College Factual Rank New Mexico Tech No. 1 in New Mexico, Among Top Values Nationwide


September 27, 2017

best-value cip-14 hq 2SOCORRO, N.M. – The 2018 rankings from Payscale.com’s College Salary Report and College Factual’s annual national college rankings place New Mexico Tech not only atop the list of New Mexico’s public four-year colleges by a wide margin, but also among the nation’s elite institutions. 

New Mexico high-school graduates interested in pursuing a STEM degree enjoy a tremendous advantage in higher-education value and return on investment in New Mexico Tech. NMT’s undergraduate student body is made of of 87.4% New Mexico residents.

College Factual 2018 Ratings

For the second year in a row, Tech is ranked No. 1 nationwide among all universities in Engineering and Physics when it comes to the best colleges for the money or best value.  Tech also repeated its No. 1 ranking in Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering while remaining in the Top 2% among all universities in Computer Science and in the Top 2% in Physical Sciences.

Tech is also in the Top 1% nationally in Mathematics, Top 2% in Mathematics and Statistics, Top 2% in Computer and Information Sciences, and Top 5% in Electrical Engineering. Overall, Tech ranks No. 1 in New Mexico, No. 2 in the Southwest, and 31st nationally among all public universities.

New Mexico Tech received 44 awards from College Factual’s 2018 rankings, all of which are granted to universities ranked in the top 15 percent nationally in one of its categories.

Quotes from College Factual:

“Looking for the best of the best? Look into New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology to obtain your degree in Physics. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology physics students earn 2.9% more than the average physics student.” - College Factual 2018 Physics Best Value Rankings 

“New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology is the best choice for students considering a Chemical Engineering degree.” - College Factual 2018 Chemical Engineering Best Value Rankings

“New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology is the best choice if you are thinking about a college degree in Mechanical Engineering. Experience a high concentration on mechanical engineering inside the degree program at New Mexico Tech.” - College Factual 2018 Mechanical Engineering Best Value Rankings

 New Mexico Tech College Factual Rankings 


PayScale 2018 Ratings

Payscale ranks NMT No. 9 among nearly 1,000 public universities nationally on return on investment by annual percentage. That ranking jumps to No. 6 for students who live off campus.

The average cost of earning a degree at NMT is $76,000, with the average debt of $19.600. Over a 20-year career, a typical NMT graduate will have a return-on- investment of $601,000, according to the website. NMT President Dr. Stephen G. Wells said the PayScale.com rankings provide tangible evidence of the lifetime value of a New Mexico Tech education. 


Best Universities and Colleges by Salary Potential

New Mexico Tech is ranked No. 19 nationally among all public universities by salary potential. Tech is also ranked 21st among America’s engineering schools and 75th among 1,509 of the nation’s universities and colleges, public or private.


Payscale College Salary Report Rankings

 Payscale rankings for in-state tuition without financial aid. ROI by annual percentage 

9. New Mexico Tech (11.6% annual ROI, $76k total 4-year cost)

63. New Mexico State (9.1%, $76k)

150. University of New Mexico (8%, $80.1k)

267. Eastern New Mexico (7%, $65.2k)

596. New Mexico Highlands (5.2%, $66.2k)

877. Western New Mexico (2.3%, $82.5k)


Out-of state-tuition without financial aid. ROI by annual percentage 

73. New Mexico Tech (8.9% annual ROI, $123k total 4-year cost)

378. New Mexico State (6.3%, $129k)

547. Eastern New Mexico (5.5%, $87.8k)

612. University of New Mexico (5.1%, $137k)

687. New Mexico Highlands (4.5%, $76k)

928. Western New Mexico (0.7%, $114k)


When it comes to ROI for universities with financial aid, New Mexico Tech again tops the state, ranking 11th nationally:

In-State Tuition with financial aid.

11. New Mexico Tech (14% annual ROI, $76k total 4-year cost)

38. New Mexico State (12.5%, $76k)

235. University of New Mexico (9.3%, $80.1)

305. Eastern New Mexico (8.8%, $65.2)

423. New Mexico Highlands (7.9%, $66.2)

874. Western New Mexico (3.9%, $82.5)


Out-Of-State Tuition with financial aid.

157. New Mexico Tech (10.2% annual ROI, $123k total 4-year cost)

411. New Mexico State (8%, $129k)

592. New Mexico Highlands (6.8%, $76.1)

604. Eastern New Mexico (6.7%, $87.8k)

720. University of New Mexico (5.8%, $137k)

874. Western New Mexico (3.9%, $82.5k)


Payscale's rankings based on a 20-year net ROI (Difference between 20-year median pay for a bachelor's graduate and 24-year high-school graduate, minus Total 4-Year Cost).

20-year net ROI Without Financial Aid

28. New Mexico Tech in-state ($601k 20-year net ROI) 

42. New Mexico Tech out-of-state ($554k)

181. New Mexico State in-state ($359k)

278. New Mexico State out-of-state ($306k)

317. University of New Mexico in-state ($291k)

465. University of New Mexico out-of-state (234k)

581. Eastern New Mexico in-state ($189k)

646. Eastern New Mexico out-of-state ($167k)

779. New Mexico Highlands in-state ($117k)

906. Western New Mexico in-state ($48k)

927. Western New Mexico out-of-state ($16.2k)


20-year net ROI With Financial Aid

31. New Mexico Tech in-state ($627k 20-year net ROI) 

48. New Mexico Tech out-of-state ($580k)

182. New Mexico State in-state ($394k)

275. New Mexico State out-of-state ($341k)

353. University of New Mexico in-state ($308k)

492. University of New Mexico out-of-state ($251k)

601. Eastern New Mexico in-state ($208k)

784. New Mexico Highlands in-state ($143k)

805. New Mexico Highlands out-of-state ($133k)

909. Western New Mexico in-state ($69.9k)

930. Western New Mexico out-of-state ($38.2)


All of the rankings listed above are for on-campus students. New Mexico Tech leads all of these categories for students living off campus as well:

In-state tuition without financial aid, living off campus. ROI by annual percentage 

6. New Mexico Tech in-state (11.6% annual ROI, $76k total 4-year cost)

54. New Mexico State in-state (9.1%, $76k)

70. New Mexico Tech out-of-state (8.9%, $123k)

204. University of New Mexico in-state (7.5%, $87.3k)

326. Eastern New Mexico in-state (6.6%, $70.5k)

594. Eastern New Mexico out-of-state (5.2%, $93.1k)

643. University of New Mexico out-of-state (4.9%, $144k)

683. New Mexico Highlands in-state (4.6%, $74.4k)

780. New Mexico Highlands out-of-state (3.9%, $84.3k)

882. Western New Mexico in-state (2.8%, $75.4k)

877. Western New Mexico out-of-state (1%, $107k)


Out-of-state tuition with financial aid, living off campus. ROI by annual percentage

12. New Mexico Tech in-state (13.9% annual ROI, $76.4k total 4-year cost)

41. New Mexico State in-state (12.4%, $76.7k)

137. New Mexico Tech out-of-state (10.2%, $123k)

303. University of New Mexico in-state (8.7%, $87.3k)

351. Eastern New Mexico in-state (8.3%, $70.5k)

568. New Mexico Highlands in-state (6.9%, $74.4k)

659. Eastern New Mexico out-of-state (6.3%, $93.1k)

714. New Mexico Highlands out-of-state (5.9%, $84.3k)

764. University of New Mexico out-of-state (5.5%, $144k)

849. Western New Mexico in-state (4.6%, $75.4k)

950. Western New Mexico out-of-state (2.2%, $107k)


In-state tuition without financial aid, living off campus. ROI by 20-yr. net

20. New Mexico Tech in-state ($600k)

33. New Mexico Tech out-of-state ($554k)

186. New Mexico State in-state ($358k)

University of Newin-state ($284k)

495. University of New Mexico out-of-state ($227k)

326. Eastern New Mexico in-state ($184k)

684. Eastern New Mexico out-of-state ($161k)

819. New Mexico Highlands in-state ($108k)

846. New Mexico Highlands out-of-state ($98.5k)

882. Western New Mexico in-state ($55.1k)

877. Western New Mexico out-of-state ($23.3k)


Out-of-state tuition without financial aid, living off campus. ROI by 20-yr. net

22. New Mexico Tech in-state ($627k)

37. New Mexico Tech out-of-state ($580k)

184. New Mexico State in-state ($393k)

528. University of New Mexico out-of-state ($244k)

634. Eastern New Mexico in-state ($184k)

701. Eastern New Mexico out-of-state ($202k)

817. New Mexico Highlands in-state ($135k)

838. New Mexico Highlands out-of-state ($125k)

919. Western New Mexico in-state ($77.1k)

949. Western New Mexico out-of-state ($45.3k)