In Photos: Research Symposium Poster Session

SOCORRO, N.M. April 13, 2012 -- The inaugural Student Research Symposium at New Mexico Tech was a resounding success, with hundreds of visitors attended the morning poster session and an afternoon full of talks.

More than 80 students participated, with 24 posters and 18 talks. The list of attendees included high school groups, parents, faculty, staff and community members. The presentations represented almost every academic department, ranging from one freshmen project to graduate level research.

Here are pictures from the morning poster session:

SRS2012-DSC_1676 spacer-2tenthsinchwide SRS2012-DSC_1677
George Egert of the Materials Engineering Department talks to a group of high school students.

Cody Champion (in a tie) talks to fellow Tech students at his poster.

SRS2012-DSC_1678 SRS2012-DSC_1689
Anntherese Romero (center) explains her biology research. Romero recently won an award at the INBRE Conference in Santa Fe for her work.

Stephanie Nance talks about her chemistry poster.

SRS2012-DSC_1693 SRS2012-DSC_1695
The Mechanical Engineering Department was well represented in both the poster session and the afternoon talks.

Dr. Mary Dezember (left) spearheaded the team that organized and staged Friday's event.

SRS2012-DSC_1696 SRS2012-DSC_1712
Rick Cosentino, graduate student in physics, was among the volunteer reviewers, which also included faculty, alumni and professionals.

Biology student Lindsay Snyder (left) was among the few students who presented both a poster and a talk.

SRS2012-DSC_1716 SRS2012-DSC_1719
Dr. Mark Samuel of the Psychology Department talks to Anntherese Romero about her poster.

The poster session was especially busy, with student presenters explaining their work continuously for 2 1/2 hours.

SRS2012-DSC_1720 SRS2012-DSC_1723
Mark McCoy of the Physics Department discusses his research.

A team of electrical engineers presented their work to develop a probe to measure the electron density of plasma in the lower ionosphere.

SRS2012-DSC_1724 SRS2012-DSC_1735
Robert Johnston (left), graduate student in biology, talks with Vice President Dr. Peter Gerity, who volunteered to be a reviewer.

Geology graduate student Maureen Moore-Roth (right) discusses her work with a group of interested visitors.

SRS2012-DSC_1738 SRS2012-DSC_1739
Chemistry student Kenna Jackson at her poster.

Cody Champion at his poster.

SRS2012-DSC_1744 SRS2012-DSC_1746
The Fidel Center ballroom stayed full all morning.

Student researchers talking about their work.

SRS2012-DSC_1750 SRS2012-DSC_1701