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Coach Paul Fuierer added these details: "All teams are members of the New Mexico State Soccer Association (NMSSA). A majority of the teams were from Albuquerque area. The tournament was hosted by the Albuquerque Soccer Association (ASL), of which our NMT team is a member. There were 15 men's teams and 4 women's teams altogether. There were 4 teams in our division.

"Critical goals throughout the tourney were scored by sophomores Maurizio Leo and Michael Okoro, and senior Randy Clark. Sophomore Hahn Nguyen kept the goal, earning two shut-outs.

"The NMT men's team plays in the ASL during the "regular season". We are currently tied for 2nd place in the 3rd division of the ASL. Our goal is to be sitting in a top position (1st or 2nd place) at the end of league play (17 games, Fall-Spring) so we can relegate (move up) to the 2nd division
next academic year. This is a relegation league, and all new teams like ours must start in the lowest division and earn their way up to division 2, then 1 , and finally premier."