Rugby, Soccer Teams Score Well, March 6, 2001

March 6, 2001

(Thanks to soccer coach Paul Fuierer for the following report:)

New Mexico Tech's men's soccer team, the Miners, improved their record to 7-2-1 with a 5-0 win over "Megahurtz" Sunday at Milne Stadium. Two goals came in the first half by Dan Young and Harald Baaken. Maurizio Leo eased in a penalty kick after two defenders assaulted freshman Brian Petracca in front of the goal. Don Bleeker pushed in two more to the complete dismay of the low frequency opponents. The Miners have Sunday games at Milne over the Spring Break. Students and alumni in the Albuquerque area are encouraged to witness. These should be worthy opponents. Game times are 11 am on March 11th and 9 am on March 18th.

(Thanks to rugby coach Dave Wheelock for the following:)

Tech Ruggers Step Up a Level

Combining player resources 50/50 with the Santa Fe Rugby Club, a midterm exam-depleted Tech Pygmies Rugby Club won two matches against one loss on Saturday, March 3, at the 38-team Scottsdale (AZ) Bluesfest Rugby Tournament. All ten of Tech's men acquitted themselves well against seasoned teams of adult players. The combined Tech-Santa Fe team dropped their first match against Camelback Rugy Club of Phoenix, 14-7, before bouncing back against Tucson Magpies with a 35-17 win. Sin City Irish of Las Vegas was shellacked in the nightcap, 44-5. Shannon Bays represented Tech in the women's division, winning two of three games with the Atomic Sisters of Albuquerque.