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Teaching Training

Dear Teachers,

Welcome to New Mexico Tech and the education profession. Please make sure you finish teaching training before 9am on August 25th. Teaching Assistant contracts may be canceled for TAs who do not have their training, evalution, and certification complete by that time. 

To view the videos for the recorded training, click the associated link. After you have watched the entire training, stop into the graduate office and complete both an evalutation and a certification that you have completed teaching training. 

Copies of materials will be added in a few days. 

Again, welcome to New Mexico Tech and if we can assist you in the Center for Graduate Studies, please stop in and see us. 

Lorie M. Liebrock

Dean of Graduate Studies


2017 Teaching Training for Teaching Assistants and Faculty


Day 1  

                                                          Video Links

Lorie Liebrock & Doug Wells - Welcome and Introduction               WELCOME 

Bill Stone - Preparing a syllabus (HLC template)                                                                                    

HLC template

Theresa Kappel - Accomadations for learning                                 Accomodations for learning                 Accomadations_for_learning_TA_training_2017.pdf 

Lorie Liebrock - Exams, homework, and quizzes

Teaching polices grade extensions                                              Objectives to Assessment                                         Grade_extension_form.pdf




Sara Grijalva- FERPA  

 Ferpa.pdf                                                                                            FERPA               


Jeff Altig- Your first class and how to prepare                                    
Elaine Debrine Howell - Student progress                                     Student progress tracking and intervention Academic_referrals.pdf


Day 2

Melissa Jaramillo Fleming                     

Lorie Liebrock                                                                                   Unexpected situations

Scott Scarborough

Snezna Rogelj

Julie Ford - Instructor communication                                           Instructor communication       

Chelsey Hargather - Learning Strategies                                        Learning strategies


Rebecca Clemons- OSL, Tutoring 

Rachel Montoya

Rob Hepler                                                                                        Technology in the Classroom

Curtis Warren

Steve simpson


Lorie Liebrock - Academic Honesty                                                Academic Honesty & Responsible Conduct


Lorie Liebrock - Wrap up and final questions    



 Please be sure to read the Academic Honesty Policy

Student Handbook 

Click on the link and the policy will be on page 5 of the handbook



2016 Teaching Training for Teaching Assistants and Faculty


Syllabus Template (Word format). 

Student Confidentiality Card

NMT New Faculty Survival Kit

Grade Options Overview

FERPA Training

FERPA Release Form

Office of Student Learning

Teaching Observation Form

Learning Strategies

Counseling and Disabilities

Classroom Assessment

Canvas Login

Academic Referral


Recordings for 2016 follow.

Monday morning:

Welcome; Semester Schedule; Preparing a Syllabus; Accomodations for learning

Your First Class; Exams, homework and quizzes





2015 Teaching Training for Teaching Assistants and Faculty




Thursday morning:

Welcome; Semester Schedule; Preparing a Syllabus; Contact hours, office hours, online communication, and student interaction; Accomodations for learning