New Mexico Tech Communication & Marketing can assist faculty and staff with a variety of communication and media issues:

Provide help when a reporter calls

New Mexico Tech Communication & Marketing is staffed by professional journalists with extensive experience in dealing with the media on a daily basis. The office works with all media, including on-campus publications, local, national and international press, in all formats — including print, broadcast and electronic. Our staff issues press releases, organizes press conferences and handles the university’s overall media relations.  We can assist you in publicizing news that has a university connection. Our office also maintains a list of faculty experts whom outside media can contact for expertise on timely topics.

For more about working with the media, contact the New Mexico Tech Communication & Marketing Director Dave Lepre at (575) 835-5091 or for assistance.

Publicize an event or make a campus announcement

New Mexico Tech Communication & Marketing can also help you to publicize events and make announcements via internal vehicles, including This Week at Tech!, an email sent every Tuesday morning to faculty, staff and other subscribers. New Mexico Tech departments and related programs, reserach divisions, and organizations are invited to contribute announcements that appear in those emails.  For more information on announcements, contact Thom Guengerich at (575) 835-5617 or

University Communications also maintains the University Event Calendar, which allows you to publicize your events on the university website.

Manage the media at your event

Having media cover your event often requires special expertise. High profile visitors may have security concerns and reporters may have particular equipment or seating needs.New Mexico Tech Communication & Marketing regularly works with media outlets to ensure that these issues are addressed in the early planning stages.  For more information contact the New Mexico Tech Communication & Marketing Director Dave Lepre at (575) 835-5091 for assistance.

Communications policies

New Mexico Tech Communication and Marketing Office has oversight of policies regarding a variety of communications and media related topics, including filming and photography on campus and use of the university name, seal, and logos.

Identity Toolkit

The New Mexico Tech Communication & Marketing Office provides information about how to use the New Mexico Tech emblems, fonts, colors and photos in your print and online projects.

New Mexico Tech on Social Media

For information about how to contribute print, audio, and video content to New Mexico Tech's official social media platforms, contact Benson Hendrix at (575) 835-5260.

Web resources

The New Mexico Tech Communication & Marketing Office can provide advice on creating and maintaining your university website, using campus resources for web design and development, or when appropriate, selecting a vendor for a web project.

Video production

The New Mexico Tech Communication & Marketing Office serves the campus and community with state-of-the-art production and equipment located on campus.