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Access Request Form 

Use this editable pdf form to request new access or modify existing accesses for Banner, Argos Reporting, Banner Workflow, BDM (document mgmt sys), or departmental MS Access reporting systems that use Banner data. Follow the instructions on page 2 of the form. You will be notified by the system administrator when your new account has been created.

Banner Access Request Form 

Brio Serve Reporting: Income and Expense detail report - link to instructions  (Brio will be turned off in Dec 2016.)

Argos Reporting: The Argos system is being implemented for Finance and HR queries and reports during 2016. Complete the Banner Access Request form linked on this web page to get an Argos user account. (The Brio and Hyperion systems will be shut off at the end of 2016 since they are not compatible with the Banner database version effective in 2017. )  The software vendor provides several training options, and NMT is conducting user training workshops as part of the implementation project. Training began in 2015. Current Brio and Hyperion users of Finance and HR reports will be contacted by the project team about their training options in the Mar - Sept period. If you do not attend classroom based training in that period, please watch the training video below. 

Link to log onto Argos 

Please read the training plan: 2016 training plan for Argos Finance_HR 

Training video for Argos Webviewer system: The argos web viewer system is recommended for use by the casual user who runs only 2 or 3 different financial reports. There is no software to install on your work station. Both Mac and PC platforms are supported. Your user account is assigned through the same process used for Argos -client application. Fill out the Access Request Form linked at the top of this page.

Click the player control to watch the 7 min training video. 

News log:

  • Evisions software company released version 5 on April 14, 2016. This release includes changes to the user interface. NMT plans to install ver 5 the third week of July. (There are two dot-releases each year, on average. For example, 4.5 was released Nov 2015 and 4.6 was released Jan 2016.)

  • Report designer office hours update as of Mid-Sept 2016:  Office Hours are a 1:1 coaching session with an experienced argos report developer in ISD. Schedule a 30 minute appointment with Evelyn Konigsberg or Dolores Gomez, and specify the preferred location (your desk or the Gold building training room).

  • Argos version 5.0 has a new user interface. All the windows in the system have been redesigned, and it will take some practice to get used to this version of the system. A "5.0 familiarization workshop"  is being conducted for all Finance and HR users in the Gold 125 training room the weeks of July 18th and July 25th, 2016. Times will be announced via email to the user base. The workshop is 45 min in duration and consists of a demo and user practice sessions on report execution.

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   Funds list updated Sept 17 2015

   Org Codes updated Sept 10 2015

   Account list updated Aug 12 2015

   Index list updated Sept 11 2015

   Program codes updated June 1 2015


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  Fund Administrators updated Sept 17 2015

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