Topics of Interest

 International students face many legal issues related to their non-immigrant status. This list of topics ("Advisory Notes") covers most of the questions that are likely to arise during the study program of a student who is in F1 or J1 status.

If, after reading these Advisory Notes, you have further questions, contact Student Affairs at 575.835.5060.

Topics of Interest

Visa vs Status: What's the Difference?

Which Government Office Does What?

S.E.V.I.S, the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System

Maintaining Legal Student Status

Changing Major or Program

Extension of Program

Transferring to Another School: F1 and J1 Students

F1 Curricular Practical Training

F1 Optional Practical Training

J1 Academic Training

Employment (other than practical training)

What About Family Members?

Unsurrendered I-94's

Automatic Visa Revalidation for Aliens in F or J Status

What About