There are many resources available for students at New Mexico Tech. Below is a summary of these available resources. Click on each individual one for more information.

Peer Mentor

We offer personal experience and advice about:

  •  Your field of study
  • Work load/time management
  • Maintaining a healthy conscious work ethic
  • Research Opportunities
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Completing your undergraduate degree
  • Life beyond your undergraduate experience
  • Graduate School


Thesis Boot Camp

Thesis & Dissertation Boot Camp is a program hosted by the NMT Writing & Oral Presentation Centers. The focus of Boot Camp is to provide graduate students a distraction-free space in which, for one week, they can spend 5 to 6 hours per day writing their documents. It's a combination of a quality work space, readily available writing advice, and peer resources.


English as a Second Language (ESL)

Conversation Cafe

Practice your conversational English! Drink some coffee! Meet new people! Meets second Thursday of each month in the Fidel Center Café area. For questions, email Dr. Simpson.


The Writing Center

The mission of the NMT Writing Center is to provide a supportive, low-presure enviornment where students from all disciplines and of all abilities can receive writing guidance from qualified tutors. Working with individuals or groups in any stage of the writing process, we serve as impartial readers and respond to questions and concerns with the goal of helping students become better writiers. Instead of simply producing better papers, our final aim is to equip students with the skills to critically evaluate and refine their own writing.


STEM Communication Fellows

The SCF Program incorporates various forms of communications including academic writing, technical writing, oral presentation, and technical oral presentation. Fellows in the program are selected on the basis of federal regulations in conjunction with their communications skill set and attend further training with campus experts on subject matter. Most Fellows help to staff the Writing and Oral Presentation Center (WOPC) and offer one-on-one or group sessions for help with communications. Many of the Fellows also extend services to their home department as well as other campus activities. Some of the activities includes: 

  •  Working within the Graduate Seminar course to help students with presentation skills.
  • Conducting a special Graduate Writing Seminar course.
  • Working with TA's to sharpen Communication skills.
  • Attending graduate level courses to aid in supplemental instruction in communication courses.
  • Teaching students the process of Peer Review.
  • Presenting workshops on poster presentations and professional abstract presentation.
  • Developing communication workshops, competitions, and mentoring students involved in the Student Research Symposium.



Oral Presentation Center (OPC)

The Oral Presentation Center (OPC) provides a supportive environment where students form all disciplines can receive public speaking and presentation guidance from a qualified peer tutor. With access to Cutting-edge presentation technology, individuals or groups can plan, design, practice, review and refine presentations and posters and receive constructive feedback from an impartial audience.  The OPC can assist with oral thesis defenses, seminar presentations, conference talks and posters, class presentations, and more! Please visit us in Fitch 017 or email  opc@nmt.edu to schedule an appointment.