Academic Affairs


The Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs, headed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, is charged with the management of the College Division of New Mexico Tech, which includes all faculty members and Academic Departments, the Dean of Graduate Studies, the Dean of Engineering, the Registrar, Skeen Library, the Center for Graduate Studies, Educational Outreach/Distance Instruction (EODI), the Office for Student Learning (OSL), Academic Strategic Planning and Resource Development (SPRD), New Mexico Tech Computer Center (TCC), and Science Fair/Science Olympiad. 

Mission Statement

The Office of Academic Affairs serves as the locus for both faculty and students, helps to ensure the primacy of the institution’s educational responsibilities, and supports faculty and students in their contributions to scholarship, creativity, research, design and the discovery of knowledge appropriate to the institution’s mission.

The Office of Academic Affairs facilitates student learning and success through the following activities:

  • supervises student academic programs and academic support offices;
  • serves in the appeal process for any student academic policy or concern;
  • oversees responsible student academic conduct;
  • leads student learning initiatives, their assessment and, when needed, revision;
  • collaborates with Student and University Relations in co-curricular support programs and with Research and Economic Development for support in research opportunities;
  • collaborates with all offices for initiatives to expand retention, persistence and completion.
The Office of Academic Affairs supports faculty development and success through the following activities:
  • upholds academic freedom, freedom of expression, and shared governance while maintaining accountability to our students and other constituents and to our accrediting and regulating organizations;
  • supports regional, national and international conference participation;
  • provides and supports on-campus pedagogical workshops;
  • encourages academic departments in strategic planning for their programs;
  • advises the management of academic departments and academic programs;
  • advises all other matters related to faculty responsibilities.



What does FERPA mean for parents and students? See Policies. 


Facts & Figures


Macey Scholars

CONGRATULATIONS 2013 Macey Scholars!

Jacob Brown, Kelsey Meyer, Tyler Robinson, Alex Stringer


maceyMUG-2013--jacob-brown spacer-2tenthsinchwide maceyMUG-scholar-2013-kelsey-meyer   maceyMUG-scholar-2013--tyler-robinson   maceyMUG-scholar-2013-alex-stringer  
 Jacob Brown    Kelsey Meyer    Tyler Robinson    Alex Stringer    


Truth or Consequences



Physics, Materials Engineering




Environmental Engineering




Electrical Engineering














Read about each of the 2013 Macey Scholars here.




Distinguished Researcher Award 

Congratulations to Dr. Ali Fakhimi... recipient of 2013's Distinguished Researcher Award

  2013comm-fakhimi-accepts-award-IMG 8490-copy-copy


Read more about Dr. Fakhimi's Research and award here.

Distinguished Teaching Award

Congratulations to Dr. Nadir Yilmaz ..... recipient of 2013's Distinguished Teaching Award


    2013comm-yilmaz-with-award-IMG 8497-copy

Click here for the full article on Dr. Yilmaz's award.


Distinguished Teaching Award Winners

2013- Nadir Yilmaz, Mechanical Engineering

2012- Frank Huang, Environmental Engineering

2011- Maggie Griffin-Taylor, Communication, Liberal Arts,  and Social Sciences

 2010- Paul Arendt, Physics

 2009 - Jeff Altig, Chemistry

2008 - Gilbert Kerr, Mathematic
2007 - Warren Ostergren, Mechanical Engineering
2006 - Al Smoake, Biology
2005 - Clint Richardson, Environmental Engineering
2004 - Robert Cormack, Psychology
2003 - Carl Popp, Chemistry
2002 - Mark Cal, Environmental Engineering
2001 - Donald Weinkauf, Chemical Engineering
2000 - Deidre Hirschfeld, Materials Engineering
1999 - Emily Nye, Communication, Liberal Arts, and Social Sciences
1998 - Ken Minschwaner, Physics
1997 - Paul Fuierer, Materials Engineering
1996 - Laurel Goodwin, Earth Sciences
1995 - William Rison, Electrical Engineering
1994 - Nicholas Haddad, Electrical Engineering
1993 - John McCoy, Materials Engineering
1992 - William Stone, Mathematics
1991 - David Westpfahl, Physics
1990 - Frank Etscorn, Psychology
1989 - William X. Chavez, Jr., Mineral Engineering
1988 - Ross Lomanitz, Physics
1987 - Alan Gutjahr, Mathematics
1986 - Howard Sylvester, Communication, Liberal Arts, and Social Sciences



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