Standout Techie: Kasimir Gabert

Where are you from?

Kasimir Galbert

I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What year are you in here at NMT?

I have just started my second year here at Tech.

What is your major and what are you interested in doing once you graduate?

I am currently enrolled to double major in both mathematics and computer science. From what I've seen of the ``real world'' so far, I'm not so sure I want to join it—I'm currently interested in participating in research.

Why did you decide to come to New Mexico Tech?

Small class sizes, a desert environment, and the possibility of involvement in undergraduate research drew me in. It was good that my father knew about Tech due to their excellent research in hydrology and was able to direct me towards it.

What activities have you been involved in at NMT?

So far, I have had several great opportunities thrown my way. Early on, I was presented with the chance to expand on some research that I had started at my high school. I have since become the system administrator for the SFS lab, worked on a research project for parallel digital forensics under Dr. Liebrock, and am working a dynamics problem in the mathematics department under Dr. Wang. Also, I was presented with the chance for a summer internship at Sandia National Labs which has since turned into a great year round internship.

On the side more commonly associated with fun, I have participated in several rock climbing club events. I had never touched any climbing gear before coming here, but the Great Outdoors certainly wouldn't be satisfied without pulling in at least a few new Techies!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Spare time isn't too commonly found around these parts! However, when it comes around, I'm normally socializing with my friends—movies, food, and long-winded philosophical arguments. Like most Techies, I can also be found on my computer nearly any hour of the week.

Any words of wisdom for potential Techies?

I would recommend doing two things: taking your classes seriously, and taking any chance you can to get involved with some research here. There are a lot of incredibly neat projects going on, and coming to this school without involving yourself in them is really only getting half of its worth.