Sponsored Project Administration

Welcome to the Sponsored Project Administration Office. We are located in Wells Hall, first floor Suite #11.

The Sponsored Projects Department (aka Restricted Funds), provides preaward and post award fiscal administrative support to NMIMT faculty, staff and their sponsoring agencies. We act as a liaison with all federal and non-federal auditors of sponsored research programs. The department monitors financial activity for compliance with the award's terms and conditions. Finally, we are involved in calculations of various rates which are applied to externally funded agreements.

Awards in support of research programs arise because of the technical expertise of individual principal investigators. The formal award of monies however are for NMIMT, and it accepts such funds to be spent only for designated purposes. Therefore, there is a shared responsibility between the principal investigator and NMIMT in accepting funds and carrying out the program for which the funds are awarded.

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Department Personnel:


Anna McLain, Director of Sponsored Projects
Phone: 575-835-5382 Fax: 575-835-5954
Andrea Peralta, Research Accountant
Phone: 575-835-5918 Fax: 575-835-5954
Tanya Pyke, Research Accountant
Phone: 575-835-6776 Fax: 575-835-5954
Gayle Bailey, Direct Cost Analyst
Phone: 575-835-5915 Fax: 575-835-5954
Elmira Israilova, Research Accountant
Phone:575-835-5850 Fax: 575-835-5954
Carrie Marsyla, Senior Accounting Manager
Phone: 575-835-5781 Fax: 575-835-5954
Yue Yang, Senior Accounting Technician
Phone: 575-835-5800 Fax: 575-835-5954
Tulin Childs, Research Accountant
Phone:  575-835-6883