Strategic Planning Committee Home

Strategic Planning Committee Home


New Mexico Tech kicked off the process to develop a new Strategic Plan during the fall 2013 semester. The committee held a series of open forums on campus in September and October 2013 in preparation for the initial committee meeting, which was in December 2013. The committee meets twice monthly and will post updates about its progress on this webpage. The committee includes representation from academic departments, research divisions, students, staff offices, alumni and community leaders. 


The New Mexico Tech Strategic Planning Committee was formed to create a strategic plan for the future of New Mexico Tech.  


What is Strategic Planning?

As applied to New Mexico Tech, 'Strategic Planning' is a process by which the senior administration of the university, in consultation with faculty, administrators, managers, employees, students, alumni, and other interested parties collaborate to plan for the future direction of the institution, and develop strategies to achieve that future. The strategic planning process drives us to answer three basic questions:

1. Where are we now as a university?
    Objective: Assess the present situation at the university

2. Where do we want to be in the future?
    Objective: Determine the desired direction for the future of the university

3. How do we get there from where we are now?
    Objective: Define the strategies to achieve the future direction of the university