Summer 2019 Housing

Eligibility: Must be a current NMT student.  If you did not live on campus during the 2018-19 and will not live on campus for the 2019-20 year, you must be enrolled in at least a class for at least 3 credits.    

Dates: June 9- August 3, 2019

Location: Altamirano, Desert Willow, and Mountain Springs Apartments

Rates: Please see the current summer 2019 rate sheet

Mandatory Meal Plans*: Meal plans begin on June 10 and end on August 2, 2019.

25 meals  + 25 Tech$$** $310
30 meals + 125 Tech$$ $608
50 meals + 50 Tech$$ $608
80 meals + 50 Tech$$ $708
25 additional meals $285

*grad students and family housing are exempt from the meal plan requirement
**minimum meal plan - non refundable   

Application Process

Summer Storage

There will only be summer storage in Desert Willow Family Housing (buildings C-F) and select Mountain Springs D and E apartments.  The rate for storage will be half of the summer housing rate.