125 Years of Research

125 Years of Scholarship and Research

NMT has over 125 years of history of research and scholarship, so to celebrate this history
we have begun compiling all of it into one place. Between faculty, students, and associated
research institutions, we have quite the collection of research and scholarship.
If you have ever wondered what NMT has contributed to science and techonolgy over the years, welcome to the answer to that question!



Searchable like a library catalogue, yet with a flexible visual display, we created
a timeline to display all of the research and scholarship from NMT.
Clicking on the link below will take you to the timeline that contains the following:

  • World famous inventions
  • Award winning research
  • Patents
  • Published articles from all departments
  • Published articles from associated research instituions

Research and Scholarship timeline


Submissions to Timeline

As you read through the timeline, delving into the rich history of sceientific advancement,
you will most likely wonder where certain papers are that you know someone wrote.
Our list of research and scholarship is by no means complete, which is where we need your help.

If you know of a research or scholarship paper that is missing from this timeline, please use
the link below to submit it to our database. We want to give credit to all of the amazing
scientists and engineers and other contributers over the years, and we can only do that if you
help us by submitting missing research and scholarship.

Submit your research project here

Note: in the future there will need to be another section added to this page that redirects people to another timeline that specifically focuses on NMT historical events instead of the research. But that's for the future