Office of the President



On behalf of New Mexico Tech, I cordially welcome you to the beautiful campus of one of the nation's premier science and engineering universities. Also, I'd like to congratulate all of you on your astute decision to attend New Mexico Tech!

In the past few years, our university has made notable strides along the path to academic excellence. As a leader among science and engineering universities, New Mexico Tech fosters and instills knowledge, intelligence, and proficient technical skills in all our students, helping them formulate and implement creative solutions to the complexities facing our ever-changing society and global environment.

Over the course of your college education here at Tech, the challenge set before us as educators and mentors will be to help prepare you for a future that is certain to be more fast-paced, more complex, and more interconnected than any other time in history. Along the way, we hope to instill in you the wisdom to do things right, along with the acumen to do the right things.

We here at New Mexico Tech continually strive to provide an academic environment that is highly conducive to learning, thinking, and innovation. For more than 110 years, Tech has challenged and inspired its students to do their best in work, life, and leadership.

Because of our ongoing commitment to excellence, New Mexico Tech offers all of our students the besOffice of the Presidentt education in science, engineering, and technology available at any public research university. I certainly hope that you will experience all that Tech has to offer you.

As the problem-solvers of tomorrow, you will be required to tax your knowledge—as well as your ethics—when you are called upon not only to validate the technical merits of your work, but also to justify the environmental, economic, social, and political implications associated with your actions. Therefore, it is paramount that you learn how to adapt, learn how to organize, learn how to create, and, most importantly, learn how to learn.


I look forward to one day counting you among our successful alumni, many of whom have gone on to make their mark in research, industry, government, and education. Be assured that we at New Mexico Tech will do our best to prepare you for that success.

Dr. Daniel H. López
President, New Mexico Tech

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