NMT Workshops


      Can You Recommend Me - Asking for and writing letters of recommendation (October 13, 2006).  See also: Letters of Recommendation workbook.

      Other resources:
          o JobWeb's Resumes and Interviews page
          o How to Write Reference Letters (NACEWeb)
          o Legal Principles Involved With Reference Letters (NACEWeb)


      From Idea To Funding and Beyond - Grant Proposal Development (April 14, 2005; links lead to available Power Point Presentations.  A DVD of this workshop is available for viewing.)
          o New Mexico Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate - an introduction by Lisa Majkowski-Taylor
          o Finding Funding Sources - Lisa Majkowski-Taylor
          o Addressing the RFP - Dr. Lorie Liebrock, Computer Science
          o The Realities of Routing - Stephany Moore, Research Services Manager.  See also Proposal Routing and Tracking Procedures
          o Nuts and Bolts of Grant Writing - Dr. Julie Dyke Ford, Humanities and Dr. Lynda Walsh, Humanities
          o Proposal Reviewers Panel - Drs. Michelle Creech-Eakman (Physics), Lorie Liebrock (Computer Science), Harold Tobin (Earth & Envr. Sci,), and David Westpfahl (Physics)
          o Dealing with Reviewers' Comments - What to do When Your Proposal is Rejected - Dr. Sue Bilek, Earth and Envr. Sci.
          o Keys to Post Acceptance Success - Jane Adams, Restricted Funds Research Accountant