What is Community Education?

The Community Education Department offers enrichment courses to students, faculty, staff, and the Socorro community. Classes include credit and non-credit courses, workshops, and programs. Community Ed course prefixes include LIFE (Lifestyle), CED (Community Education), CERT (Certification Programs), HW (Health & Wellness), PR (Physical Recreation), and FA (Fine Arts).

Who is in charge of Community Education?

Lillian Armijo, Cramer 201, 575-835-6581

What does Community Education do?

Community Ed provides stress relief with the introduction of "fun" classes for the student. Taking Calc II (for the 8th time)? Balance it out with a yoga class.  Feeling cooped up after coding? Take rock climbing to stretch out those muscles.

Where do I go if I want to talk in person about Community Education?

Room 201 or 202 of Cramer Hall

Does Community Education count towards my GPA?

Community Ed classes for credit are graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory and therefore do not count on your GPA.

What are Community Education classes considered?

They are elective classes. Credit counts towards graduation and financial aid but does not count towards General Ed core requirements.

How do I register?

To find out how to register, go to our Registration section on the left side column.

The class I want to get into is full, what should I do?

First, contact the Community Education office, we can give you the contact information for the appropriate instructor. You will then need to obtain an override form from the NMT Registrar's Office (2nd floor of Fidel) and get the instructor's signature. This can be easily done by coming to the instructor's class after gaining the instructor's explicit permission. The form then needs to be returned to the Registrar's office where they will add you to the class. Keep in mind that the deadline for adding classes is a week after classes start.

*Please note - Some classes may allow overrides while others cannot.

How are the classes graded?

The classes are graded Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. The minimum requirements for passing Community Ed classes include 70% attendance and participation.

How do I become an Instructor for Community Education?

To learn how to become an instructor, visit our "Want to Teach?" section of this website.