Network Pricing

  Desktop Support     50.00/hr
Campus Network        
Rate Code  Description of charge     Cost
NET1 10 MB Network Connection   $14.00
NET100 100 MB Network Connection   $14.00
NETEU 10 MB Network Connection    $7.00
  (Client owned equipment)    
Administrative Network Price Structure      
Standard PC Client        
Rate Code  Description of charge     Cost
NET1 10 MB Network Connection   $14.00
ADMCLT Admin Net Services Surcharge   $19.00
ADMAPP Application Space Surcharge   $15.00
RSACARD RSA Card Services      $12.50
  New RSA Card     $85.00
Special PC Client with NO admin privileges       
Rate Code  Description of charge     Cost
NET1 Client with NO admin privileges   $14.00
Network Printer        
Rate Code  Description of charge     Cost
ADMPRT Connect printer to network    $20.00
Wireless Internet Access      
Rate Code  Description of charge     Cost
NETWL Wireless Internet Access    $14.00 per computer


Phone Services

  8:00 am-4:59 pm 5:00 pm-10:59 pm 11:pm-7:59 am
Interstate 10.0* 8.5* 7.0*
Intrastate 11.0* 8.5* 7.0*
Albuquerque 11.0* 8.5* 5.0*

*prices are per minute

  • All calls are rounded to the nearest tenth of a minute
  • All calls are timed from the completion of dialing
  • All calls longer than 12 seconds will be considered to be complete and will be billed
  • Prices are subject to change as public tariffs change
  • information is current as of January 2010

International Rates=MCI Standard International Rates

Contact the MCI operator for rate quotes and be sure to ask for their standard rates (i.e., no international rate plan). Please be aware that there are also taxes and some countries have additional surcharges. ITC is not responsible for any price differences between what an operator may quote you and ITC's billing. Also, remember this is only an estimate and is provided to you as a guideline. All prices are subject to change as public tarriffs change.