Google Apps / Microsoft 365 comparison


New Mexico Tech is looking at two competing products to transition our email services on campus to.  Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Education.  Both will provide the basics of email and their own online collaboration tools.  The decision has been made to transition to one of these services, though the decision as to which has not yet been made.

Local (NMT) Analysis

It breaks down into four major areas:

  1. Cost - The costs are basically equivilent.  So close it doesn't really make sense to worry about today.

  2. Integration - How easy is it to integrate and what do you need to do to integrate the service in.  

    From an Enterprise point of view they are about the same, but the Microsoft gives a bit more control.
    From the LMS (Learning Managment System) point of view, Google is already integrated into Canvas, our new LMS.

  3. Space - This is an arms race.  Both Google and Microsoft have constantly been uping the space you get.

  4.  Features - Everybody has a different subset of features they find important.  Some of the features that have been discussed:
    • Google Hangouts - Prior to Microsoft adding Lync services at least one group felt hangouts critical

    • Equation editor - At least one group feels the MS 365 equation editor is insufficient

    • Mobile platforms - There is some debate on what this means.  Web vs App, Online vs Offline.  No clear concensus was reached, but currently there is no Microsoft native app for Android Tablets (only iPads and Microsoft Tablets).

    • Microsoft will give 5 free self-managed copies of Office Professional to Students, and as of Nov 11th probably Faculty, while they are at New Mexico Tech.  The student/faculty member decides where they get installed and manages their licenses.

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