Postini Email sent to @nmt.edu users

From: tccnotify-bounces@lists.nmt.edu [mailto:tccnotify-bounces@lists.nmt.edu] On Behalf Of Bryan Hughes
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2014 10:50
To: tccnotify@lists.nmt.edu
Subject: [TCC Notification] Postini Spam Filtering Update

As part of the Google acquisition of Postini Messaging Services we have been forced to migrate our spam filtering account from Postini to Google Apps.

ITC attempted to do a test migration on an unused sub-domain, however our entire account was migrated instead. Now all @nmt.edu users have Google Apps accounts for mail filtering.

Google Apps is delivering the same Postini services such as Spam Filtering, Quarantine Summary, and Message Center, however they are now located at different web addresses inside the Google Apps platform.

The new Message Center login page is now a global Google Accounts login page.
To access your Quarantine Message Center please use this link now: https://email-quarantine.google.com/messagecenter

Login with your @nmt.edu email address and your old Postini password.

If you have created your own Google Apps account with your @nmt.edu address, when you log in, you may be asked to migrate your account data into the organizational account.
Quarantine Summaries should be delivered at the same time each night, but they may originate from a different email address than before.

If you have any questions or issues please file a ticket with our Help Desk by visiting https://ticket.nmt.edu or emailing ticket@nmt.edu.

Bryan Hughes <bhughes@nmt.edu>;
Mgr. Systems Programming
New Mexico Tech - ITC
Speare 117 - 575.835.5735