125 Competition


Poster Contest Infographic Semi-Final125th Anniversary of New Mexico Tech

NMT is sponsoring two special events for the 125th anniversary celebration. The purpose of these events is to celebrate research, scholarship, and design at NMT and to strengthen our culture of interaction between alumni, faculty, and students. The first event is a research, scholarship, and design poster competition for students, which will be judged by our alumni. The second event is department hosted alumni receptions as part of the 49ers celebration. We encourage our entire community to participate in both of these events. 

Student Research, Scholarship, and Design Poster Competition

Students from every academic department are invited to participate in NMT's 125th Anniversary Research, Scholarship and Design Poster Competition.  This competition is for current students and will be judged by alumni. There are prizes for the top student posters. The posters will be on display in Fidel during 49ers beginning Thursday.  

Students - Win up to $1000 with your research: (degree seeking undergraduate or graduate students may enter a poster).

What your poster can win: (One award maximum per poster.)

  • The following awards will be determined by alumni votes. Awards are generously provided by Academic Affairs, Auxilliary Services,Research and Economic Development, and Student and University Relations
    • First Place - three awards ($1000 per poster)
    • Second Place - three awards ($750 per poster)
    • Third Place - three awards ($500 per poster)
    • Honorable Mention - five awards ($250 per poster)

 To participate, students need to

  • Assist your department in encouraging alumni to attend 49ers and participate in judging 
  • Develop a research, scholarship, or design poster (use the template for format or you may submit a poster from the 2014 Student Research Symposium; printed size is 41.5" wide by 35.5" high)
  • Enter the research poster. Note the information you send in the email will go directly into the poster listing, so proofread before you send.
    • Send one email per poster to the Alumni Office (tkappel at admin dot nmt dot edu) by October 8th including the following
      • Subject: 125 Poster Entry
      • Contents
        • Title: XXX
        • Author(s): XXX
        • Department: XXX
        • Type of Work: YYY
    • where YYY is either Research, Scholarship, or Design and XXX is replaced with your poster information. 
    • deliver the poster to the Auxiliary Office in Fidel by noon, October 15th.
  • Present the research to NMT alumni during the 49ers alumni reception on October 16th, 7-9pm in Fidel.


To participate, alumni should do the following:

  • RSVP to the Advancement Office to let them know that you will be attending and ensure you get invitations to all of the special events for this momentus anniversary celebration.
    • RSVP at the Registration Page
  • Come to 49ers and participate in our 125th anniversary events
    • Register on site with the Advancement Office and get your ballot to vote for the best student research, scholarship, or design. 
    • NMT Alumni Reception - October 16th 7-9pm in Fidel Center (View all of the research, scholarship, and design posters in Fidel)
    • Department Alumni Receptions  -  October 17th
    • 49ers Parade and Celebration - October 18th

Academic Departments

The purpose of department alumni receptions is to create the culture of interaction between alumni, faculty, and students. Departments may receive support for hosting alumni receptions without participating in the competition. To do so, contact the Alumni Office before September 12th.

For departments that want to participate in the competition as part of hosting alumni events at 49ers, you may win awards that can be used for any department needs. 

Department awards:

  • The following department awards for most participation by alumni, faculty, and students will be determined from the sign-in sheets at the department receptions. Award funding generously provided by the Auxiliary Services Office.
    • First Place - one award ($3000)
    • Second Place - one award ($2000)
    • Third Place - one award ($1500)
    • Fourth Place - two awards ($1000)
    • Honorable Mentions - three awards ($500)

To participate in the competetion, the department must do the following:

  • To receive up to $500 towards hosting a department alumni reception, contact the Alumni Office by September 12th. 
  • Advertise the research, scholarship, and design competitition and awards to your students.
  • Contact your alumni to request that they attend 49ers and participate in judging the competition.
    • Student entrants are strongly encouraged to assist with contacting alumni.
  • Arrange, host, and particpate in the department's reception. Have attendees sign in at the department's reception. This list will be used to determine department award winners for maximum participation by alumni, faculty, and students, as well as documentation for reimbursing the $500 for funding the reception. Reception funding generously provided by the Alumni Office

If you have questions, contact Lorie Liebrock in the Center for Graduate Studies.