Windows Vista EAP-TTLS, PAP

  1. Check the "Cache user information" checkbox.  Under "Choose a network authentication method" select SecureW2 EAP-TTLS and then click the "Settings" button next to it.

  2. A new dialog box will appear, click the "Configure" button.

  3. In the Connection tab, uncheck the "Use alternate outer identity" checkbox and check the "Enable session resumption (quick connect)" box.

  4. On the Certificates tab uncheck the "Verify server certificate" checkbox.

  5. On the Authentication tab select PAP for "Select Authentication Method".

  6. On the User account tab uncheck the "Prompt user for credentials" checkbox and uncheck the "Use this account to logon computer" checkbox. Enter your Banner ID as the username, enter your Banner password for the Password, and then click OK.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Now click the "Close" button.

Now your wireless connection should be connected and working.