Parents' Corner

A Message for Parents and Families

Your son or daughter’s transition to collegiate life is both rewarding and challenging. Students undergo intellectual and personal growth, and explore a new level of independence as they prepare for academic rigors, careers and lifelong learning beyond New Mexico Tech. As family, you have a unique opportunity to play a pivotal role in the success of your student. For many of our students, family members are advisors, mentors and role models. It is our hope that this website – and any feedback you can provide – will help you connect to services and departments at New Mexico Tech that can help your son or daughter succeed.

Although New Mexico Tech has evolved over time to meet the changing needs of our global world, the fundamental strategies for student enrichment and success have not changed.

Please remind your son or daughter to: Attend class regularly and do all assigned homework. Get involved outside the classroom. Introduce himself or herself to professors/instructors during office hours. Seek help as soon as a difficulty arises: More options are generally available for those who seek assistance early on.

On this website, our goal is to provide families of New Mexico Tech students with information they can use to help support their sons or daughters to succeed academically, and to thrive personally.

Join us in supporting the success of all our students, by letting us know what we can do to help.


As a result of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, New Mexico Tech is prohibited from releasing certain information without the permission of the student. Please keep in mind that we must respect the privacy of all students.